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Tap Adopter Fixing

Tap Adopter Fixing

Many of us would have faced a problem of faucet fixing. Faucet is the one which is fixed to the tap. Many customers use to say that water leakage /Splashing /Overflowing occurs if they try to fix themselves.
It needs a small technique to be applied..That's all.
There are different kinds of Faucet available. The one I'm going to explain is the most common one. This has two parts.1.The upper portion with 4 screws. 2. The bottom portion which can be fixed to the upper portion by threatening.
The common mistake we all use to do is fixing the adopter directly into the tap and tightening 4 screws. Here Leakage will occur.

Tap Adopter Fixing

Actual method of fixing I've given step by step.
This is the diagram of a Tap End Assy
1.The top portion with 4 screws
2.The bottom portion which can be fixed to the top portion by tightening.
Before fixing,

.Ensure that the rubber washer inside the top portion is present. If we miss this then water leakage will occur.
If the tap size(diameter) is bigger, then remove the inner plastic ring in the top portion.

1.Don't fix the Faucet directly into the tap as I told you before.
    Instead Unscrew the bottom portion. Don't remove it Completely.

     It should be

fixed only in two threads as shown in figure.

 Do not tighten the bottom portion now. Place it below the tap and tighten 4 screws Evenly.

At Last Tighten the Bottom Portion. Ensure for No Leakage

The Tap Adopter can not be fixed in fancy taps or wash basin tap and all. The tap should be an ordinary tap as shown in figure