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Sorting of Cloths in Washing Machine

Sorting of Cloths in Washing Machine

Before putting into washing machine, the cloths should be sorted according to its nature, type, colour etc.,Different programs are available in washing Machine for different kinds of cloths.Eg., Normal, Delicate, Heavy, Speedy etc.,

But practically, It may not be possible to sort according to clothes type because we have different kinds of clothes Synthetic or Cotton, Heavy - Normal - Light, Coloured or White, Small Sized(socks Kerchief) to Large Sized(Bedspreads), Wool-Blanket etc.,

I suggest to have basic sorting alone which is definitely possible.

1. Lint Takers and Lint Takers not to be put together.
 Towels are generally Lint givers. It emits threads at the time of washing. Teri cotton pants have the tendency of absorbing Lints. If you wonder why, this is because of the physics phenomena called static electricity. We should not put Lint givers and Lint Takers together.

2.Coloured and White cloths should not be put together