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Samsung Washing Machine Fully Automatic Operation WA Series

samsung fully Automatic operation WA Series

samsung Top loading Fully Auto matic WA series(WA80V3,WA85V3,W90V3,WA91V3, WA95V3).The Contol panel and Usage of Operation is given below.

The above panel shows the higher end version of WA serious.If you find any option is missing in your machine, It is understood that the particular option is available for higher version only.

Now the procedure for operation..
For Normal Mode(Default) without Fuzzy:-
1. Ensure that the Inlet Hose is Connected, Drain Hose is put down.
2.Open the tap; Till the Entire operation gets over, It should be kept opened. The Machine will take the water as and when required.
3.Now, Put the clothes; Put the detergent.
4.Switch  On the Machine.Press Power-On/Off Switch in the machine.
5. Now press the water level switch(the 2nd one from left) to select the required  water level.This water level should be selected according to the number of cloths we put.  The basic idea of Selecting the Water Level is- The water level should  be 2 inches above the clothes level so that the clothes move freely. There are four levels provided viz Extra Low,Low Medium and High.This you'll come to know by practice. Maximum Within a week time 7 loads, You'll come to know.
6.Close the Lid. If you want to wash the clothes in Normal mode(Default), You can press Start and leave the machine. The Machine will do the Entire process on its own(fill,wash,drain,small spin,again fill, rinse, Drain,Final Spin-Everything on its own).
7.After the process is over the Machine will give a Buzzer Sound; Now you can come and take out the clothes.The Cloths will be 80% dried. You have to dry outside.
There is an in-built memory so that when power goes off and resumes, the Machine will start from the same process where it left. 

Fuzzy logic Option:
if you're not sure about the water level to be selected,then you can go for fuzzy mode.After switching ON the machine, without selecting the water level if press'start', the machine will operate on Fuzzy mode.(i.e) It senses the weight and type of the clothes and selects water level on its own
To Change the Program:-
The above process is for Normal Program (Say for your regular cloths).There are actually 6 programs provided. If you want to select the program, Before Starting the Machine you can change the program by pressing Program Switch as follows.
1.Fuzzy("Normal" if water level selected manually)-    For Regular Washing Clothes
                    - By Default(immediately after Switching ON)+ Press 'Start/Pause"
2.Quik-    If the clothes are not heavily soiled and if you feel that the clothes can be washed  
                   for a short duration (Or if you're in a hurry to go somewhere urgently)
                 -PressProgram Switch twice.+Press "Start/Pause"
3.Wool- For Delicate Cloths
                -Press program Switch three times+press Start/Pause
4.Blanket- For heavy clothes like bed sheets, Jeans
                -Press Progran Switch four times+Press"Start/Pause"
5.Soak-To activate soak during wash program(soak+wash+soak+wash....)
6. Clean Tub- By pressing this and 'start', Tub is cleaned on its own. Periodical Cleaning should be done to avoid scale formation.

To change Function
When You're using the Machine as said before, the Entire process will go on(Soak+Wash+Rinse+Spin). But there are some situation when you've to do individual Options alone.
Say..1.If You don't want to Soak the Clothes
        2.If You've Washed your Cloths when Power was not there and you want to do Rinse & Spin in the Washing Machine.
         3.If You want to spin dry your wet clothes
         4.If You don't want to Spin dry.
Then you can select individual option by pressing Function Switch(and press Start)

1st Press--Wash Alone+Press 'Start/Pause"
2nd Press---Wash+Rinse+Press 'Star/Pause'
3rd Press--Rinse+Spin+Press 'Start/Pause"
4th Press--Spin alone+Press'Start/Pause'
LED (Light) Indication
The LED(Light) of the selected programs and option GLOWS
The LED(Light) of the current running process BLINKS(soak / wash / rinse / spin)

Other Options
Hot Water(optional):
"Hot Water" can be selected  if you want to wash with hot water. There is no in-built Heater.If you have external electrical Heater cum plumbing line,then you can select this.
1.the water temperature should be less than 50 degree Celcius.
2.Both Hot Water and Cold Water tubes to be connected; Because Rinsing is done with cold water only.
3.Ensure Hot water line is not connected to cold water inlet and vice versa 

Air Turbo(Optional)
By pressing 'Air Turbo' Switch, You can increase the efficiency of spin Dry with less wrinkles.

If you want to
1.Add clothes/Detergent in between: 
     Press 'Start/Pause' for pausing; Add; Close the Lid; Press 'Start/Pause' for starting.
2.Change the Water Level in Between:
    Press "Start/Pause" for Pausing; Change water level; Press Star/Pause for starting.
3. Drain the water 
      If any process is running currently(LED blinking), Press'Start/Pause'. Select 'Spin' alone and Start.
4.Cancel Previous memory( If power had gone and clothes were taken out)
     Press Power On/Off Switch in the control Panel. The Display goes Off. Press On/Off again and change program.
 LCD Display (Optional)      
A LCD display is provided in which you can see the function going on, Remaining Time etc.,
Safety Switch
During Spin if the Lid is opened, the spin stops.
Check Filter Indication
After Wash, the Check filter Indication glows on to remind you to clean filter.
If you open the Lid,this goes off.