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Microwave Cooking

Microwave Cooking Made Simple

If you had expected that I would be giving some microwave recepies, No; But the things I'm going to tell you here might be more useful to you than actual recepy.

My first suggestion in using the microwave oven is not to follow any recepy book  or videos. Because, many people try in that way and if it doesn't come well they stop cooking in microwave oven and they simply use for reheating purpose.

The second thing Don't try the customized options in microwave oven i.e.. Auto cook options. i.e., Selecting which item to be cooked(say potato), how many servings(2 or 300 gms say) and the microwave oven itself will select the timing on its own. These options are provided only as guidelines and you may get fed up if try using these.  Because cooking time in microwave depends on so many other factors like the vessel size, the size in which the vegetables cut into; and not only the servings or weight of the food substances. Then How to cook?

Don't worry..  It's all only mind applications. Use Only Time and Start. If at all required, Power level. This is what is done if you select auto menu also.What all you have to do is to keep the items to be cooked inside the oven..  Select timing and press start. That's all. But How will I know the timing? Simple.. It comes by practice.. Don't be afraid whether the food will be over cooked or less cooked. Tell your family members to adjust if there is any mistake since it is a beginning and within a week time you will start cooking most of the items.  And nothing happens in most of our Indian recepie even if it is overcooked.

Be creative in cooking new dishes. All the microwave ovens are disgned in a user friendly manor and don't worry.. It won't burst if you do any mistakes.Strictly Follow only the following things..

1.Don't Use metal vessels . Use microwave safe containers alone

2.Don't Heat oil.. But Oil can be mixed with anything and kept inside.(say vegetables mixed with 2 teaspoon of oil can be cooked)

3.Don't do prefrying of mustard etc.,(கடுகு தாளிக்க வேண்டாம்)

4.Don't wash glass vessels immediately after cooking.

I've given few examples of cooking method here.

1Milk Boiling

Milk Boiling Time varies according to a) the type of milk (pasteurized, standardized, Toned milk) b) Size of the bowl(Broader bowl takes more time) c) Quantity of water added to milk.Every individual has a different kind of practice in  above factors. Some may add two glasses of water and some people may not add water at all.So, My suggestion is.. Keep a bowl only for the purpose of milk boiling . you should not use  any bowls other than this since boiling time will vary..follow a standard practice of adding water. If you have a practice of boiling half liter of milk, Always boil half liter at a time.

Now the first time alone Be near the microwave oven and observe how many minutes it takes for the milk to boil(coming upwards). Say if it is 7 minutes, the next time onwards you can directly select 7 minutes for milk boiling and you can be away from the machine to do your other jobs. Once after the 7 minutes get over, the microwave oven automatically turns off giving a beep sound. Now You don't even need to come and take it out immediately. You can do that according to your convenient time.

Try. This would be much simpler than explaining.