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Know Your Washing Machine

Know Your Washing Machine

In this post , I'm going to explain not only about the installation of washing machine; but few more things also.  Since I'm providing a description about each part seperately, Many things like "Do's and Don'ts","Techniques", "precautions" will be covered under this. Hope you'll like this article.

1.Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

1. Tap Adopter:

    Tap adopter is called by different names by different brands Viz., Faucet, Faucet coupler, magic joint assy etc., this is the part which connects the inlet Hose of the washing machine to the tap. The Tap adopter is fixed permenantly in the tap. The Inlet hose can be connected or disconnected as and when required. That is., When we're not using the washing Machine, If we want to use the tap for some other purpose, we can use. Only Inlet Hose can be disconnected and the tap adopter should not be removed. Connecting and Disconnecting the Inlet Hose is made in a user friendly manner.Click here to see How?
Ensure that there is no leakage in the Tap adopter.There is a small technique to be adopted while fixing to avoid leakage.How to?
But, It is advisable to keep the washing machine in a single permenant place so that we don't need to disturb the set up.

2.Inlet Valve:
  Inlet Valve is a part of the machine where the Inlet hose is connected to the washing Machine. The machine takes water through this part as and when required.Connecting the Inlet Hose to the machine is very simple which anybody can do. The machine end of the inlet hose has plastic coupling and thread is provided. Likewise the protruding portion of the inlet valve has threads. We have to fix together by tightening. (Turning clockwise is tightening and turning anticlockwise is loosening.) Ensure that the rubber washer is present in the inlet tube and check for Leakage. There is a filter provided in the Inlet Valve. The dirt particles coming in the water gets clogged here. This filter needs to be cleaned periodically.See How
Optional: Some machine have two Inlet Valves meant for Hot and Cold(as shown in figure).In case, if you have geezer (Electrical water heater) connection for getting hot water in the tap, Then Hot water Inlet also can be connected.
Note:1. If you'r using hot water connection, the cold water tube also must be connected. Because, For Rinsing, Machine takes cold water only generally.
       2.If you're using only cold water always, Hot water tube need not to be connected.
       3.Ensure that connection is no interchanged(i.e., Cold water to hot water vice versa)

3.Detergent Dispenser:

   This is the place where we've to put the detergent powder.This detergent gets mixed with the incoming water and gets inside the machine. If the tap pressure is not sufficient, the detergent may not dissolve properly. In that case, you can mix the detergent in a mug of water and pour directly into the machine.(Or you can use Liquid Detergent.)More About Detergent..(not posted yet)

4.Lint Filter:
  The fine dirt and threads get collected in the Lint Filter which needs to be cleaned after every wash. See How

5.Spin Tub:
Spin tub is the one which rotates with a high speed at the time of spin drying. Safety measures are provided so that if you open the lid at the time of spin, The Machine gets off automatically.
Cleaning: Use a cotton cloth to wipe; Keep the lid open for few minutes everyday.

6. Control Panel:
This is the place where your operating switches are provided. Since the program varies from brand to brand, I'll make different posts for every brand.

Cabinet is the outer body of the machine.Here, Machines are available in different colors. You can select as per your taste.Generally, the cabinet is made up of steel.So, Avoid keeping the machine inside the bathroom as it may get rusted.

8.Power Cord and Plug Point:
This is the important thing which you've to be bothered about.
1.Use appropriate rating mentioned in the manual.. Generally 5Amps.. Brands with in built heater should be connected to 15 Amps plug point only.
2.Do not use Electrical Extension Boxes
3.Last but not least, Ensure proper grounding.(Earth)

9.Drain Hose:
This is the part through which the water drains.It doesn't need any general maintenance
But Ensure the following things:
1.Only front loading machines are coming with drain pump.All other top loading machines have drain valve system.(i.e)  a valve is pulled automatically at the time of draining and drains due to gravitational force only. so Ensure that the drain hose is not kept elevated. The drain hose should not be placed above the machine level.

2. Ensure that there is no Kink in th Drain Hose
3.Ensure that there is no blockage.
4. Ensure that there is no leakage.

The bottom portion is closed to protect your machine from rats.In some brands and models, It comes along with the Machine. In Some Brands, You can get it by paying extra. If you have rats in the house, Get a ratmesh fixed. Rats spoil the entire machine

11.Hose Holders:
There are holders provided for hanging it after use.