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Inlet Valve Filter Cleaning

Inlet Valve Filter Cleaning

 In your Fully Automatic Washing Machine, If you find that the water intake is slower than that of the usual, There could be some clogging of dust in the inlet valve filter. This is the portion where your inlet Hose is connected to the Machine. The step by step procedure for cleaning the filter is given below.

1.Close the Tap(Even if you normally leave it closed, Ensure Once again that it is closed

2.The machine end of the Inlet tube is usually round in shape. Turn this counter-clockwise for removing.(This is thread type only)

3.The filter can be removed with a nose plier. But normally I suggest not to remove it because when you try doing without practice, the filter may get damaged. Instead, take a tooth brush; Dip into water and Clean the filter. Do dipping and cleaning repeatedly( 4 or 5 times).(Note-You're Cleaning without removing the filter; Keeping it in the machine itself

4. Fix back the Inlet tube into the machine by turning clockwise. Ensure that there is no leakage.
Now Open the tap and Switch ON the machine.You'll find water is coming with good force

Clean this periodically..!