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Fuzzy Logic

What is Fuzzy Logic Washing Machine ?

Generally in all Top loading Fully Automatic Washing Machines, A Knob  is provided for selecting the water level. This knob's position can be adjusted between low.. medium... and High.  If the knob is turned to Low, the machine will take water upto a  fixed minimum level (Low)in the tub(For Eg., 1/3rd of the tub). If the knob is turned to high, Water will be taken to the Maximum Level. If it is turned to medium , intermediate level is taken. Only once we've to select.. at the beginning of the washing.Then the machine will complete the entire Cycle on its own. Throughout the Cycle(For Rinsing also), the Machine will take water what we've selected (as long as we don't change in between)

In Fuzzy Logic Washing Machines, We don't need to select the water level. Instead, The machine itself selects the water level according to the weight and type of clothes we put.

Is It such a tough job to select the water level?

No.. not at all..Generally in many machines, water level is not written in the tub.(It's written only the water level selector knob. So, Initially you may have a problem of knowing which is which level in the tub.(Which is low, which is medium and which is high).By making a trial wash and keeping the water level selector in different level,You can find out that and remember.You can make some mark if u want in the tub( if at all required).If you don't do the trial wash also, By practice you'll come to know within a week time.Many people have the practice of using full load only. In that case, the water level can be kept in 'high' permanently.

How to decide my water level?
According to the Clothes level, you've to select the water level. The Basic idea is water level should be two inches above the clothes level. The clothes should move freely.
While Explaining, It looks big. Practically, It takes only few seconds for selecting the water level..

If I want to increase the water level for rinsing, Is It possible?
Yes.. You can very well.After washing is over, you can change.

In my washing machine, If I want to increase the water level in between, It's not changing.Is there any problem with my machine?
Once water level is selected and the machine started washing. Now if you want to change the water level directly, It won't change. You've to bring the water level selector to Reset position and then change. This reset position in the water level Switch is unstable. that is you can't make the knob to be stable in that position. It'll come back to high. It is Normal feature of the machine. The Reset position is called by different names say "ADD"

I've a godrej washing fully automatic washing machine. It is not fuzzy logic; But It doesn't have such knob or "Reset" position.
In your machine,the rotary kind of water level switch is not there. Instead the water level switch is provided as press switch in the control panel itself. Indications are shown by means of LEDs(lights) for low, medium and high.

In Fuzzy logic machines. will the water level selected by the Machine be appropriate?
Can't say exactly.. Some customers are satisfied.. Some people say it's not selecting properly from the beginning. In fact, In Whirlpool Fuzzy logic Machine's User's manual, a note is provided saying "Some times the machine will select low level only to protect your machine from low voltage."
If that is the case the following problem may occur.

Say for example, You select fuzzy for washing and now voltage occurs.
The machine selects low level and does the wash.At the end of washing, you find the cloths are not washed properly. Now, Again you've to do the Entire wash. You went for this machine for additional comfort. But your job is doubled.

Actually, Along with the water level indication, they've written  detergent Quantity meant for each level. It means after selecting the water level, we've to come near the machine for putting detergent. That time if the water level is not proper, we can change know?
If that is the case, Why they've provided a detergent dispenser..For the water to mix with the detergent and fall inside.. right?. Then what is the use of detergent dispenser if you're putting detergent after seeing the machine's selection(i.e directly into the tub).Also by practice You would have come to know about the detergent required for the quantity of clothes you put. Also Fuzzy logic machines are meant for better comfort than ordinary machines (like not to worry about the load you put). If you've to keep on watching the machine's process for it's level selection, then Non Fuzzy Machines are better.

Are all the Brands are malfunctioning during fuzzy operation?
Now a days.. Yes. Almost all the Brands.

Can water level be selected manually in Fuzzy logic machines?
Yes, You can

So, the fuzzy logic machines can be used as non -fuzzy logic machines also?
Yes, It can be..

Do you mean to say that I should not buy for fuzzy logic models?
You can buy.. But not specifically for that particular feature. Few Eg.s I've given where all you can go for fuzzy logic machines.

1.The non-fuzzy model of a brand does not have hot water option and fuzzy  model of the machine has   hot water option.( Or some other options are available in fuzzy models alone..Like Delay start etc.,)

2.All LG machines are very good, all are fuzzy model and you've to select one among them.

3.If the price difference between fuzzy logic and Non-Fuzzy logic machine is not much.