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Check Yourself before Calling the Service Engineer

Check Yourself before Calling the Service Engineer-Washing Machine:

   1.Machine Dead: 
 Check the Machine in another plug point and Ensure that the problem is not with the plug point.
Ensure that you've switches ON the machine.

2.Water Leakage:
 Check Inlet Hose, Drain Hose etc.,
 Tap adopter Leakage.Remove and Fix back the Tap adopter properly. How to? see post  How To?

 3.Water fills slowly:
See whether water is coming with sufficient force from the tap.
See Whether any blockage in the Inlet Line.
See whether the Kink in the inlet Hose
Clean Inlet Valve to? see post  How to?

 4.Water not Draining:
Check the Drain Path outside the Machine.
See whether any blockage in the Drain Hose.
Check whether any kink in the Drain Hose.
See whether you've not cancelled the memory option.

             In certein machines there will be a in Built memory.It means when the power goes off in between the washing, When the power resumes It will start from the same process where it left.Some times,Because of power failure, we take out the clothes and wash.So when the power resumes, the Machine will start from the same process where It left.So when we want to put new load, the previous load's water will remain there. To drain the water, we should press 'cancel' and keep in spin and start. Once when the entire water drained out again press cancel and set the program.

Machine in which cancel button not there- Power(on/off) button to be used for cancelling the program.