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All About Detergents

All About Detergents

An usual question many customers arise is which Brand of Detergent I should use and What is the quantity to be used. May be the answer is simple.."By Practice you'll come to know". But few more tips I want to give you about detergent.

The Quantity of the Detergent depends upon the following factors..
1. The detergent Brand(Ariel,Surf,Henko etc.,)
2. Type(Matic, Excel etc.,)
3. Liquid/ Powder Detergent
4. Load
5.Type of Clothes
6.How much soiled the clothes are.
7.The Machine is Front Loading or Top Loading.
8.Water Temperature

1. Brand:
Almost All the leading Brands are equally good. You can select whichever you like.
All the Leading Brands are coming in different types viz., Matic, Excel etc., It can be said in other way  as more concentrated and less concentrated.The Recent detergents contain enzymes, oxygen bleach and few more components to improve the wash quality.(You can see coloured granules)
many of us are having a prolonged belief that detergents which are giving more foam gives better wash. But actually, It is not so. With the recent detergents are less foam giving, but provides better wash quality. So, Foam is not an indication to find out the quantity of the detergent required.
Also we're afraid about the cost of the detergent. I suggest to go for expensive matic kind of detergent. Though It is expensive, very little quantity of detergent would be sufficient for a full load.(Comparing to ordinary detergents). It doesn't mean that ordinary detergents can not be used in washing machines. It can be used, But the quantity required will be more.If you compare the cost per wash, then it would be one and the same.(i.e., If you've to use one spoonful of ordinary detergent per wash, with Matic or Ultramatic, One spoonful will be sufficient) Also Detergent is one of the cause for scale formation in the tub, It's better to go for good quality detergent.
3.Liquid Detergent:
Amway's SA8 also provides good wash quality. With this SA8, the scale formation doesn't occur(as we've seen in the customer's place). It is quite  expensive. But they say that very little can be used. But I'm sure that that much little will not give good wash.(They say few drops(?!) will do for a full load)
Another good news is the brand "Surf" has started coming with liquid detergent.
Liquid detergents have more advantages than that of the powders(It gets mixed well easily; No patches occur.) But I don't know why leading detergent brands are not focusing in it.
4. Load:
we all know that the detergent quantity varies according to load; But one load of 20 clothes consumes lesser detergent than four loads of five clothes.
5.Type of Clothes:
According to type of clothes we use the detergent quantity varies. Polyester gets washed easily and cotton needs more detergent.
6. How much soiled the clothes are?
Heavily soiled clothes need more detergent
7.  Is Machine Front loading or Top loading?Front loading machine(Tumble) consumes less detergent and Top loading machines consume more detergent
8.Water Temperature:
It is better to select the optimum water temperature(For machine with Heater). Some of the Detergents won't be effective in high water temperature. At the same time, hot water has a tendency of dislodging the dust effectively. So, It's better to select an optimum water temperature between 30 to 45 degree celcius.